Art Classes and Workshops

In the childrens art classes, the right side of the brain gets inspired and stimulated: drawing and painting with different colors; working with paper (punching, folding, colouring, cutting, tearing, sticking). Children are thaught to observe and implement. There are many ways of perception, memory and implementation. The children are given plenty of freedom in choosing possibilities to express themselves. 

In the Youngster and Adult Art Classes more attention to details is pursued. The perception of light, shade, colors and shapes is trained by means of unusual exercises. At the beginning it will be objects, fruit bowls, or similar, and later (self) portraits and/or figurative drawing. The repertoire can easily be
expanded as required.

In the art classes art develops over a longer period of time and while looking at the technique of painting or drawing, the workshops are more intensive in the sense of technical knowledge and assisted "trail and error". The participants start to work on a sketch and they finish the workshop with a finished art product (by use of machinery that is provided at the workshop).

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