About me

Born in Berlin, Germany

Lives & works in Omaruru, Namibia


I was born in 1964 in Berlin, Germany. Now I live and work in Omaruru. I finished two Master's degrees: Fine Arts in Public Spheres, Academy for Design and Art, Luzern, Switzerland, as well as Fine Arts, University of Arts, Berlin. In 2014 I created the Art & Design Department at the International School of Walvis Bay, Namibia.

Working as an art consultant, lecturer in design, drawing and painting, I am well known for my paintings, installations and land art. I took part in many exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, Namibia, Spain and South Africa. My works hang in private collections all over Europe, Africa and the USA.


Artistic background

2010 Masters of Fine Arts Major Public Spheres at the University of Luzern Design + Art. 

2000 Masters of Fine Arts, Major in Painting, at the University of Arts Berlin, with Professor Kuno Gonschior.

1988-89 Foundation Arts at the School of Design, Zurich

Current experience in the field of Arts teaching

2014-2019 Founded and lead “Art & Design Department” at International School of Walvis Bay 

2010 Internal further study course: Colour Lino cut printmaking, Stiftung für Schwerbehinderte Luzern SSBL. 

2009 Mosaic Workshop, Kulturwerkstatt, Wil. 


2009 Land Art Workshop (one week),

Ferienakademie in Roggenburg/Germany

2008/9 Various Courses (Mosaic, Lino cut-print-making), Obertor Winterthur as well as in Ottikon Studio.


2007 Full time employment, Art Therapy, Kantonale Psychiatrie St.Gallen, Wil. 

2003-05 Initiator and leader, Art classes, in Mpumalanga, South Africa. 


2004 Workshop: Drawing and Painting, Oliewenhuis Art Museum (for students of the Technicon Bloemfontain), South Africa.


2004 Invited Lecturer: Land Art Project (semester), University of Pretoria, Fine Arts Department.


2001 Exhibition organizer and guide, Botanical Gardens, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.


2000 "Light lines and mural paintings" exhibition tour guide with Ilona Winter, National Art Gallery of Nambia, Windhoek.


1996-2000 Initiator and leader: Art classes: Drawing and Painting, Walvis Bay, Namibia.

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Studio 2014

Workspace 2014

Working 2015

Studio 2013

2013 ” Fünf Frauen am Werk”

IG Halle im Kunst(Zeug)haus, CH Rapperswil - Switzerland

2013 ” Fünf Frauen am Werk”

IG Halle im Kunst(Zeug)haus, CH Rapperswil - Switzerland

2013 ” Fünf Frauen am Werk”

IG Halle im Kunst(Zeug)haus, CH Rapperswil - Switzerland

2013 ” Fünf Frauen am Werk”

IG Halle im Kunst(Zeug)haus, CH Rapperswil - Switzerland

2013 ” Fünf Frauen am Werk”

IG Halle im Kunst(Zeug)haus, CH Rapperswil - Switzerland


2013 ” Fünf Frauen am Werk”, Group Exhibition,
IG Halle im Kunst(Zeug)haus, CH Rapperswil

2012 Member of “Künstlergruppe Winterthur”


2010 Group Exhibition – Kupferdruckwerkstatt -M.Gentinetta Zürich.

Group Exhibition “Experimentelle16” Schloss Randegg/ Deutschland.
Single-Exhibition – Hospital Hirslanden St.Anna, Luzern


2009 Art at the Mensa Hochschule Luzern
In collaboration with the HSLU D&K – Painting African Impression


2008 Dual exhibition with Morné Swanepoel at Blauen Schild, Winterthur, Switzerland.
Dual exhibition with Morné Swanepoel at the Psychiatrischen Klinik, Wil, Switzerland.
Single-Exhibition at Zentrum Obertor, Winterthur, Switzerland.


2007 Group Exhibition – Kupferdruckwerkstatt -M.Gentinetta Zürich

2006 Single-Exhibition at Bali Kino, Berlin-Zehlendorf, Germany.


2005 Aldebran Studio, Cullinan/Südafrika
Dual exhibition with Morné Swanepoel at Goethe Institut Johannesburg, South Africa.


2004 Single exhibition and installation at Oliewenhuis, Art Museum Bloemfontein, South Afrika
Single-Exhibition at Nat. Art Museum, “Oliewenhuis”, Bloemfontain, South Africa
Single-Exhibition at Aldebran Studio, Cullinan, South Africa
Guestlecture for Land Art Seminar and project at University of
Pretoria, South Africa


2003 Dual exhibition at Stellenbosch University Art Gallery with Beate Maria Wörz.
Single exhibition at Boekehuis, Johannesburg


2002 “Wake up: green” Single Exhibition at the University of Stellenbosch, Botanical Gardens
Solo installation at private residence of Daniel Malan,Johannesburg/South Africa.
Single exhibition at Bank Leu AG, Zurich/Switzerland


2001 Dual Exhibition with Illona Winter at The National Art Gallery of Namibia, Windhoek.


2000 Single Exhibition at “Die Muschel”,
Single Exhibition at Habsburgstrasse,
Group Exhibition Kreissparkasse Esslingen-


1999 Single Exhibition at “Casa Anin”,
Group Exhibition at “Galeria Alamenda”, Vigo/Spain


1998 1 year Exhibition by Lawyers Swartling,
Berlin/Germany, with Carina Wahlenberg
Single Exhibition at Pierre Siegrist, Basel/Switzerland
Single Exhibition at Engelhard Design,


1997 “Sold out” at Krabbenhöft & Lampe, Lüderitz/Namibia.
Class exhibition by “Kunstverein Museum
Gelsenkirch” Germany


1996 Class exhibition at the “Hochschule Dresden”, Germany.


1996-98 1.Prize competition: exhibition by the “Technical University of Berlin” with Janina Kracht, for 2 years


1993-98 Permanent exhibition at Schade & Partner, Berlin,

1990 “How do women see Swiss men” Zurich,
750-anniversary of Switzerland


1987 ART, Basel/Switzerland

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